Celebrate International Women's Day with Lyora Pissarro's exhibit at Stern Pissarro Gallery

Celebrating Female Artist Lyora Pissarro's exhibit at Stern Pissarro Gallery

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Lyora Pissarro's latest work, 'Awareness is the Point of Change,' is a true masterpiece that features an LED-lit frame which is designed to change colours, creating an ethereal and captivating effect.

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March 08


Stern Pissarro Gallery, Saint James's Street, London, UK

Tel: +44 (0)20 7629 6662

The painting showcases Lyora's unparalleled creative vision and her ability to transcend traditional techniques to produce artwork that is both innovative and mesmerising.

In this painting, Lyora creates a visual representation of the concept of awareness and the power of change. The LED lighting that surrounds the frame represents the light of awareness, illuminating the painting and allowing the viewer to fully engage with its message. As the colours change, the viewer journeys through different emotions and experiences, highlighting the transformative power of awareness and its ability to bring about positive change.

Lyora's unique artistic style perfectly tributes to the theme of International Women's Day, which celebrates women's strength, creativity, and resilience.

As a descendant of the Impressionist Camille Pissarro, Lyora embraces her artistic heritage while bringing a fresh perspective to the table.

Come and be inspired by Lyora's unique vision at Stern Pissarro Gallery this International Women's Day.

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Established in 1964, Stern Pissarro Gallery specialises in Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art. The gallery occupies a unique position in the global art scene, pioneering works by Camille Pissarro and his descendants.

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