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Supermundane Mural at The Yards Covent Garden

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A striking new mural designed by London-based artist Rob Lowe, AKA Supermundane, has been unveiled at The Yards in Covent Garden, to celebrate the power of creativity.

Located on the side of the London Graphic Centre, the hand-painted display shows pastel-coloured artwork surrounding the phrase ‘Creativity is in all of us’, rendered in Lowe’s trademark geometric and graphic style.

The artworks offers an inspiring message about the potential for creativity in everyone. Artist Rob Lowe, says of the mural: “Creativity is in all of us, it might be buried deep in some, but it is there. It’s something we are all born with – to greater and lesser degrees – but as we get older we are told there are right and wrong ways to do things and many people lose confidence with making mistakes, which are essential in creativity.”

Lowe gives us more confidence around the potential for making mistakes saying “If we are not allowed to make mistakes we cannot be truly creative. Hopefully, this mural will encourage people to take a brush, pen, pencil, or anything you can make a mark with, and go for it.”

We hope this lovely mural inspires you to start that creative project you've always wanted to!

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Date & Time

May 17 - October 31


London Graphic Centre, Shelton Street, London, UK