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The Corpsing Pictures: Artworks by Gilbert & George at White Cube

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Experience the most personal and confrontational Artworks by Gilbert & George at White Cube

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Date & Time

April 01

Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm


White Cube Mason's Yard, Masons Yard, London, UK

Tel: Tel: +44 (0) 207 766 3550

‘THE CORPSING PICTURES’ presents an interplay of meanings that creates ambiguity, contradiction, and enigma, as well as pathos, poignancy, and sepulchral eeriness.

The arresting title of the group suggests both death and the pretence of theatre, leaving the viewer oscillating between different senses of an ending.

The tableaux are primarily composed of bones, string, and decayed plant matter, with a palette of red, black, white, and gold. Gilbert & George themselves are the primary figures in the pictures, lying side by side, diagonally across one another, or top to toe. Through their attitudes and expressions, they convey a visceral sense of sudden helplessness and somnolence in the face of entombment and entrapment.

‘THE CORPSING PICTURES’ by Gilbert & George at White Cube is a must-see exhibition for those who appreciate the power of art to provoke and challenge. The small number of visual devices employed by Gilbert & George is masterfully crafted to create a tension between feeling, interpretation, and meaning that will leave you pondering long after your visit.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the profound and personal art of Gilbert & George.

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