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Celebrate Fastelavn with Ole and Steen's Festival Buns

Join Ole and Steen in commemorating the colourful and joyous occasion of Fastelavn, a festive celebration in Denmark that encourages indulgence, enjoyment, and fun.

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Date & Time

February 14 - February 28

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am–8 pm ¦ Saturday - Sunday: 8:30 am–8 pm


Ole & Steen, Haymarket, Saint James's Market, London, UK

Tel: 020 3828 8242

Indulge in Ole and Steen's delicious Festival Buns, a staple part of the celebration for centuries, available in classic flavours such as Vanilla and Mocha, as well as new options like the Vegan Rhu-Berry Bun or Old Fashioned Festival Bun.

But Fastelavn is not just about the buns! There are many other traditions to enjoy, such as the popular game ‘Slå katten af tønden’, which translates to “Knocking the cat out of the barrel” - but don’t worry, thankfully cats haven’t been used in this game for hundreds of years now! Nowadays, in all simplicity, it is the Danish version of a piñata with a cat drawn on the side.

To get you into the Fastelavn spirit, Ole and Steen are offering a special deal: purchase any three Festival Buns for only £12.95 (excluding Old Fashioned Festival Bun, subject to availability).

Whether you have been a part of Fastelavn celebrations for years or are new to the festivities, embrace the spirit of Danish tradition and treat yourself to the delectable taste of Ole and Steen's Festival Buns.