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Brighter Future: Sam Williams

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Brighter Future

Art of London Season: Brighter Future continues with 'Catch Me If You Can' by Brighter Future winning artist Sam Williams.

Sam creates immersive environments through her work, encouraging people to ‘find their play’. Williams’ lively creation entitled 'Catch Me If You Can' draws on her childhood experience of growing up in a theme park and uses colourful patterns that encourage people to experience the world through a new lens, enhanced with a fun augmented reality game.

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September 07 - October 16


Leicester Square, London, UK
"I grew up in a theme park, with many of my family working there when I was young. I loved the feeling of being in colourful and playful worlds and these early experiences shaped my creative process and the artist I am today. I want to help inspire creativity in all of us and I’m so proud to be part of Brighter Future, a free public art experience which will enable everyone to experience the world through a new lens.”
Sam Williams, artist and designer of ‘Catch Me If You Can’