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Brighter Future: Zarah Hussain

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Brighter Future

Pop Geometry by Zarah Hussain features across the West End as part of Art of London Season 2022: Brighter Future.

Experience Zarah Hussain’s beautiful, hand-drawn kaleidoscopic patterns on two giant icosahedron (20 sided) shapes. Entitled ‘Pop Geometry’, Zarah Hussain’s striking and vibrant colours highlight London’s cultural uniqueness and will be installed in Piccadilly Circus then moving to other sites across the West End.

Find a calm and tranquil environment in St James’s Market to experience Zarah's stunning wall murals and patterned flower gardens for relaxing in the city. After appearing in Piccadilly Circus, Zarah’s towering icosahedron models, spanning two metres in size, is located on Waterloo Pl, just outside Sofitel London Hotel.

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Date & Time

August 09 - September 30


St James's Market, London, UK