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Fiona Quadri

Brighter Future artist Fiona Quadri is showcasing her vibrant installations in The Garden at St James's Church from August. Learn more about Fiona and listen to some of the audio recordings that accompany her visual artworks.

Art of London Season: Brighter Future


Listen to Fiona Quadri (Studio Recordings):
Listen to Fiona Quadri (St James' Recordings):

Fiona Quadri

Fiona Quadri is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on photography and illustration, whose interactive installation illustrates London’s uniqueness. Born in Brussels and now living in London, Fiona uses influences from these countries as well as her Austro-Nigerian as themes to influence her work. Fiona's Brighter Future installation celebrates London’s multiculturalism and diversity. Bridging cultural divides and celebrating individuality, the freestanding designs are accompanied by audio interviews conducted in The Garden at St James’s Church, Piccadilly over the summer.

You can visit the installation in the tranquil sanctuary of The Garden at St James's Church to experience the unique Brighter Future piece created by Fiona.

9 August - 6 September