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New Beginnings

Start the year with vegan food, alcohol alternatives and a cultural hit

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Begin the new year with optimism in London's West End. Try new dishes that keep to your Veganuary goals, explore alcohol alternative cocktails for those attempting Dry January, and ensure that your year is peppered with art and culture from the very start.

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Divine Vegan Treats at The Wolseley

For those committed to Veganuary, why not indulge in a Vegan treat at the Wolseley with this Roast Celeriac Steak, accompanied by Puy Lentils and Walnut Pesto. Or a Superfood Salad Squash with celeriac, carrot, beetroot, kale & spiced pistachio these delicious vegan mains are available for lunch, dinner and also feature on the all day and late night menus.

The Scottish Show - Panter & Hall

The annual selection from a century of Scottish painting is showing at Panter & Hall.

See a showing of Panter & Hall artists, alongside new contemporary discoveries and a selection of historical rarities. Take in paintings such as Autumn Window Montisi from Christine Woodside and Craig Mulholland's Portrait Study.

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Fusing Veganism and the French Mediterranean at Whitcomb's

Introducing the best way to go (and stay) vegan for January. Whitcomb’s stunning French style restaurant in the very heart of London's West End promises a menu of divine dishes that compliment your vegan goals for the month of January.

Experience a taste of the French Mediterranean in Leicester Square at the beating heart of London’s West End. Indulge in elegant cuisine with dishes such as wild mushroom truffle risotto, crispy vegan cheese tart and asparagus tartare with almond aioli, prepared using sublime market produce. Ensure that you stick by your January vegan resolution, with all of the taste and no compromise.

Bon appétit!

Sofitel London St James collaborates with esteemed French Designer Jérôme Blin

As part of its constant commitment to the art world, Sofitel London St James hosts D’or et de lumiere, the exhibition by French fashion designer Jérôme Blin.

This inspiring exhibition features a selection of unique pieces made using intricate materials sourced in France such as lace, brocade, silk taffeta, tulles and embroidered crepes. D’or et de lumiere will also showcase pieces from Jérôme’s new collection Vivantes…, which pays tribute to women from different cultures fighting for their rights - real warriors who claim their equality strongly, but not without femininity and delicacy.

Situated on the corner of Pall Mall and Waterloo Place, the luxurious Sofitel London St James sits proudly in central London and blends contemporary French elegance with a bold British design.

Marie-Paule Nowlis, General Manager at Sofitel London St James eloquently expressed the fitting alignment of the collaboration “We are delighted to host D’or et de lumiere by Jérôme Blin. This thought-provoking exhibition reflects his elegance, innovation and passion which align perfectly with Sofitel London St James’ vision. We hope it will inspire our guests the same way it has touched us.”

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Blind Spot London

Secret West End speakeasy Blind Spot London, based at St Martins London has added a non-alcoholic option for January.

Commit to dry January without having to compromise on fun. As Blind Spot London uses STRYYK non-alcoholic vodka allowing you to enjoy your favourite drinks as usual this month. Enter the speakeasy through the door marked with a golden hand, and enter a glamorous yet secretive world in the heart of London's West End brimming with delicious cocktails.

Spin the globe and select a cocktail that suits your tastes, whether you're looking for a taste of Marseilles with the French herbal and fruity sour, or a trip further afar with a cocktail that's zesty and fresh from Marrakech. Choose from a selection of flavour-filled cocktails whilst still keeping your pledge to dry January.