Unit 12

L SAHA at UNIT 12, Piccadilly Arcade

Ethical fashion L SAHA launches its residency as the first ‘Shoppable-Exhibition’ in Piccadilly, London this December.

Ethical womenswear fashion brand, L SAHA launches ‘A-LIVE a retail concept, that will feature and sell products that are made live in the store. The making process is showcased within the shop, bringing visitors the an ‘inside-out’ view of product, taking visitors through from the stage of ‘raw materials’ to the point where it become a ‘finished product’.

Creative Director, Laboni Saha will be showcasing the creative process in full. From single handedly, weaving dresses, jewels and objects to become the fully-formed merchandise sold in the store.

Located at the Piccadilly Arcade, a Grade II listed building heart of St James's, the A-LIVE concept store will be displaying carbon footprints of the products available for sale, relative to similar mainstream products in addition to stating and demonstrating the hours required to create each item on offer.

This is new genre of concept store combined with an artistic display, where the process of creating the ‘Art’, is an art form in itself. It will be one those ‘rare-retail’ experiences where the product, process, creator are all mingled into one interactive and dynamic display.

Sowing the seed and catering to the (latent) need for ‘Low Impact’ gifts that are kind on the planet and people.