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HagenHinderdael is an architecture and design studio headed up by Sofia Hagen and Lisa Hinderdael. Trained as architects and urban designers, HagenHinderdael focus on a creative output that expounds an immersive quality, with a distinct interest in design that is ‘biophilic’ – seeking to connect people with nature through their work. Art of London caught up with Sofia and Lisa to talk design, creativity and their residency at 12 | 12.

How did HagenHinderdael come about?

L: Sofia and I met in a previous practice where we were both involved on several installation designs together alongside being part of the management team. There has always been a synergy in how we work and a natural affinity to the same design ethos that only became stronger when we decided to join forces. We balance each other out in both our skill sets and personalities, and it’s always felt a natural right-fit to be business partners.

S: We both are originally trained as architects and interior designers – Lisa studied architecture and urbanism at the Bartlett in London, before becoming operations partner and running a lighting design company. I studied with Zaha Hadid (University of Applied Arts Vienna), and worked in her studio in London followed by lead design roles at Heatherwick, Acme Space, Odile Deqc and Make. Despite having moved into product design and installations, we will always “think like architects”, meaning our designs are very context-driven no matter what scale.

Tell us about HagenHinderdael and the work you do.

L: Pairing product design with art, we work at the intersect of sustainable design and innovative technology to create sculptural products and immersive installations.

S: In all our works, we merge sustainable materials – from recycled medical plastic waste turned into 3D print filament to create the Twine benches, to organic materials such as the Swivel stool which consists of 3D printed sugar and wood - with traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology.

We produce furniture, feature installations, and placemaking schemes that push the boundaries of engineering whilst bearing the incentive of a continuous afterlife.

Our ethos is to always design with a circular economy in mind. From the business vision where all installations are made up of products which allow for repurposing, to our research and development arm into how to integrate the latest technologies and sustainable material streams within our designs.

What drives or inspires you to design and create?

HH: We believe in collaborative designs that are research-led, and are driven by a desire to create small-scale interventions with large-scale impacts. As a studio, we see this in our ethos where we blend traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology and materials; as well as several of our products and installations that result in scalable designs that can be repurposed with an afterlife. We seek out like-minded start-ups and companies that are pushing the envelope of design – always trying to remain on the cutting edge.

Tell us about your residency at 12 | 12

HH: As our first retail space, our residency at 12 |12 will feature not only our sculptural product range made of innovative technologies and sustainable materials, but celebrates the launch of our Contour 3d printed concrete seat to the London market alongside our first jewellery design – Cocoon, the necklace made of 3d printed bio-PLA on a sterling silver chain and sure to be a must-have gift for this upcoming Christmas season!

What’s on the horizon for you?

L: We are always seeking to find the next innovative material or printer to work with, and 3d printing materials such as hemp and clay are definitely on our radar and may be finding their way into our upcoming designs to be shared soon. Beyond this, we will be shortly completing an integrated landscape design in Brixton that features some of the HagenHinderdael product range.

S: We also ventured deeply into the Austrian/Swiss market this year, and have a few public realm projects lined up where we populate the local landscape with our 3D printed seating elements at different scales. And we are now represented by Hoettges, a luxury showroom in Vienna and Dornbirn, and the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milano. In regards to new research development, we are working on a new a collaboration with the London/Czech design studio ID who just launched Novavita, a recycled plastic material and objects lab.

What about London and the West End inspires you to create?

L: Coming from an urban design background, I have always been intrigued by how spaces are activated. In the West End, I find this inspiration in the temporary Christmas markets at Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square to the maze-like experience of wandering the streets of Seven Dials. When you can return to an area and always find a unique experience- that’s the beauty of the West End for me. Even in January, I will be taking part in the Alice In Wonderland takeover of Covent Garden – another first!

S: London’s dynamism, the open-minded international flair and extensive cultural offerings are always an inspiration - we are lucky to be living in a city where it’s all happening, surrounded by like-minded people at the forefront of culture and innovation. The West End always inspires me in terms of its colourful, lively character of endless exploration.

What’s your West End gem?

L: St.Martin’s Courtyard. There is something about this square that I find hidden within the busy and bustling streets of the West End, yet a beautiful quiet retreat where I can sit, sketch, and collect my thoughts.

S: At the moment - 1212 of course!! Everyone should come enjoy this special gem…

What’s your mantra as a creative?

L: I wouldn’t perhaps call it a mantra, but I have always been taken by the last line of the Great Gatsby “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” It’s a reminder to let things go, accept and learn from mistakes, and continue to feed my passion for design.

S: Don’t take no for an answer (quote by my teacher and mentor the late Zaha Hadid)

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