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Pop-up Projects: Joyce Fraser

Black Heroes @ The Gallery, 12 Waterloo Place, St James

Art of London is working in partnership with Westminster City Council as part of the pop-up project bringing artists the opportunity to showcase their work in retail units across London’s West End. Joyce Fraser, creator of Black Heroes @ The Gallery talks to us about her pop-up.

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Joyce on being awarded the artist-in-residence post

I am delighted and honoured to have been selected as an artist-in-residence as part of Westminster's Pop-up Project. This is an important step in my journey and that of the Black Heroes Foundation. The installation, Black Heroes @ The Gallery opened on Windrush Day, 22 June, closes on 27 July. Providing a space for participatory, conscious experiences, restaging the Black Heroes Soul Food Café in a Windrush Living Room: A celebration of our heroes, our life, and our times.

It houses living exhibitions, a Windrush Living Room, artists at work, and interactive activities and events. It provided rehearsal space for our new production the Story of John Archer which was part of our show at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe festival on 2 July. It has been a place to engage a wider audience, test out new ideas and gather new materials for consideration in our new productions.

The Black Heroes Wall of Fame Exhibition improves the knowledge and education of all who visit, and it brings back pleasant memories for elders as they recognise and remember some of the heroes. The shows and screening of films provide further forms of knowledge, understanding and inspiration.

The Windrush Living Room Exhibition provides a lived experience - new for the young and bringing

back memories for the elder Windrush Generation. Live presentations are delivered on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm

The project will improve engagement and cohesion amongst different communities, educate and improve knowledge, together with improving wellbeing with the arts therapy, open mic and other participatory events taking place.

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Black Heroes Soul Food Café – at The Gallery

The Black Heroes Soul Food Café provides Food for the Soul, nourishing experiences of Black culture, focusing on the regeneration of our people, celebrating our past and looking forward. Taking care of health, wellbeing and lifestyle, nurturing experiences and moments of inspiration, motivation, and transformation.

It is an open, inviting and inclusive space for all to be educated, inspired, nurtured and entertained. A space for both the young and the old, for locals and visiting tourists, alike. An opportunity for all cultures to engage with, learn about, enjoy, and be inspired by Black History and our contribution: showing, sharing, engaging, and celebrating Black Lives Matter. The Black Heroes Soul Food Café is live streamed every Friday evening at 7.30pm and will be live streamed from Black Heroes @ The Gallery.

Black Heroes Virtual Locomotion – at The Gallery

This lunchtime virtual event takes place every Thursday at 12:30pm. It is live streamed from the Black Heroes @ The Gallery whilst the exhibition is open. Dance, exercise and song, together with learning about a local hero.

Mary Martin Fashion Artist – at the Gallery

Visit Mary Martin of London’s working studio and see her design and produce outfits, using the Windrush style of Free hand cutting, dress making with no pattern. View her immaculate creations and hear the stories behind them.

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