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Art of London in conversation with Faith Bebbington, the artist behind Tree Goddess the final addition to the Brighter Future trail. Faith discusses what inspired her artistic focus to shift towards a more sustainable approach, the inspiration behind Tree Goddess and what a Brighter Future looks like to her.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey to becoming an artist?

My interest in sculpture began as a young child when I was given a ball of clay to work with and loved it! Having cerebral palsy often meant I struggled with school work but art was something I could excel at. Later, I gained a degree in sculpture from Winchester School of Art and eventually secured studio space to develop my artistic practice.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I’m an artist specialising in sculpture which utilises waste materials. My works are purposefully accessible, designed to animate public spaces and raise awareness of issues such as plastic pollution and climate change.

What inspired your interest in re-using waste materials to create art?

In 2014 my artistic perspective shifted radically after surviving ‘terminal’ cancer! I stopped working with fibreglass resin as my main medium and focused on more sustainable, environmentally friendly ways of working, particularly re-using plastics by breaking the component parts down to then reconstruct them.

What inspired your newest sculpture ‘Tree Goddess’ part of Art of London Season 2022?

I wanted to make a beautiful and uplifting artwork celebrating nature, so I decided to create a sculpture depicting a tree goddess.

The tree goddess symbolises mother earth, the tree of life and fertility, renewal and rebirth; which are universal themes which hopefully many people can relate to particularly since the pandemic.

View her in Leicester Square until 7 November at The Londoner Hotel, Leicester Square.

What’s your West End hidden gem?

I think green spaces are important for our well being so when I visit a busy city I always seek out green space. Leicester Square with its trees, grass, flowers (and my sculpture) is a perfect place to relax and recharge.

What is your vision of a Brighter Future?

The future I want to see is one where global warming has been reversed, endangered species are no longer endangered and their habitats are nurtured not decimated. A brighter future for me is one where everyone acts positively to respect and care for our planet. And of course lots more sculpture and public art created in a sustainable way!

What projects are on the horizon for you?

I’m talking to a couple of companies about exciting new projects but they are under wraps for now!

Personally, I plan to keep exploring new ways of working with a range of waste materials.

Where can people find out more about you Faith?

You can follow me on Instagram @fbebbington.

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