Art of London x Fujifilm Digital Gallery


Art of London teamed up with FUJIFILM House of Photography and Visual Storyteller Bal Bhatla, best known as Mr Whisper to inspire creativity in September!

We asked our @theartofldn Instagram followers to get creative and take the best shots of London and the Brighter Future sculptures using Fujifilm photographer Mr Whisper’s inspiring tips and tricks.

Congratulations to @dr.ata_naghavi

Congratulations to @dr.ata_naghavi who has won the Fujifilm Instax mini Evo hybrid instant camera and smartphone printer with this superb photograph taken on the Brighter Future art trail.

Here are some words by Mr Whisper on the elements that made the winning shot

"This photo immediately stood out for me. Mainly down to the unique perspective it is taken from. Zara Hussain’s artwork is beautifully framed by the symmetry of the surprisingly empty West End street. Along with the two iconic red phone boxes which give it a real sense of location. A great use of your wide angle lens. Congratulations Ata on your winning entry."

Thank you to everyone who took part, we really appreciate the time, thought, and creativity that went into capturing each photograph.

Thank you to those who participated in our competition. Here are some great images of the runners-up!

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