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Art After Dark: Claire Luxton

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Art After Dark

Art After Dark has returned to London's West End this autumn, on the evenings of Thursday 12th and Friday 13th October.

Event Info

Date & Time

October 12 - October 13

8am - 9 pm


Leicester Square, London, UK

Leicester Square Gardens featured incredible light installations, including an inflatable immersive sculpture titled 'The Cornucopia' brought to life by British contemporary MTArt Artist Claire Luxton.

Claire Luxton, the artist behind 'The Cornucopia,' is a versatile artist who is represented by MTArt Agency. She works in her rural studio in East Sussex, where she is surrounded by the beauty of nature, which often influences her artwork.

What emotions or experiences were you aiming to evoke with The Cornucopia, and how did you translate those into your artistic vision?

I always want my work to take you on a journey and be a transportive experience. Through the artwork's organic structure, I use colour, light, and scale to create a sensory experience; a new reality touched by fantasy.

How does your installation tie into Art After Dark?

Cornucopia sits perfectly with Art After Dark, transforming from day to night, illuminating from within to create a new dynamic experience out of hours to reach as many people as possible and light up the evening. The work also plays with the juxtaposition of place and unexpectedly placing an organic form in an urban space but using the bright colours and neon lights within the piece to reflect the vibrancy of the West End.

What is the importance of public displays like The Cornucopia, available for people to see and enjoy night and day?

Art being accessible to all is super important to me! Art being in public spaces creates what I see as a ‘Positive Disruption’ in your day. It can spark joy, ideas, and conversation and allow people to experience art who might not have had access before, which is why I’m proud to show my work at Art After Dark.

Follow Claire Luxton on social media @claireluxtonart to find out more about her work.

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