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Introducing Art of London Season 2022: Brighter Future

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Art of London Season 2022

Art of London Season 2022 Presents Brighter Future. Introducing a series of accessible public art initiatives across our iconic areas of London's West End.

Art of London and National Gallery X challenged artists to express their creative vision of London's 'Brighter Future' by transforming the street's into a unique public realm with vibrancy and optimism.

The winning artists include, Fiona Quadri, Sam Williams and Zarah Hussain selected by comedian Harry Hill. Their artwork will appear on the streets of the West End alongside artwork of Harry Hill, in iconic, accessible areas, in partnership with Westminster City Council from August.

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Alongside NGX, we invited artists to submit their interpretation of building a better, brighter future in the city. Whether through colour or immersive experiences, artists were encouraged to use a multimedia of art forms. Each piece will represent the artist’s vision of the future and showcase their optimism for the next generation.

From an array of applicants, artists were selected to have their eye-catching installations publicly come to life in some of London’s most iconic locations, such as Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. This outdoor exhibition will be on display from August 2022, in what promises to be one of the city’s biggest and most accessible public art initiatives ever, with support from Westminster City Council.

Zarah Hussain combines contemporary digital art with hand-drawn Islamic geometry while Sam Williams, creates immersive environments that encourage people to ‘find their play’; and Fiona Quadri, focuses on photography and illustration, who hopes her interactive installation will illustrate London’s uniqueness.

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