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Borsalino opens a new boutique in Burlington Arcade


Since 1857, Borsalino has represented the highest level of Italian craftsmanship in hat making, with a distinct artisan savoir-faire handed down from generation to generation.

Today, Borsalino's creations reflect modern beauty, creativity, and innovative techniques.

The boutique features the newest men’s and women’s collections of hats, caps, and accessories crafted in the Maison’s Alessandria workshops.

Burlington Arcade is known for its luxury goods, offering high-end items like hats, gloves and jewellery. It was once the go-to place for the latest bonnets and is now considered the 'jewel in Mayfair'. Stretching an impressive 196 yards long, Burlington Arcade is one of the longest shopping arcades in Britain.

To mark the opening, the Beadles, guardians who wear vintage uniforms and are responsible for welcoming visitors to Burlington Arcade, will wear an iconic Borsalino Alessandria wide-brimmed hat in porto-dyed felt during the first month of trading.

Experience the epitome of sophistication at Burlington Arcade and explore the new Borsalino boutique.

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08.03.2024 - 4 months ago