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New Public appointed as Placemaking and Public Art Consultant for Art of London


Art of London is delighted to announce New Public as the new Placemaking & Public Art Consultant for Art of London and Heart of London Business Alliance.

Founded in 2023 by Lorna-Rose Simpson and Rachael McNabb, New Public is set to deliver strategic placemaking support and curatorial vision for the Art of London program from 2024. Launched in 2020, the Art of London program has collaborated with top UK cultural institutions like the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, and the Royal Academy over the past four years.

Working alongside Art of London and HOLBA, New Public sets out to champion the cultural sector, celebrate art in every form, and continue to build off past successes like Marina Abramović’s screening in 2023, as well as the Art After Dark program.

Lorna-Rose Simpson and Rachael McNabb, the founders, boast over 20 years of diverse international experience in cultural placemaking. Their expertise spans both the public and private sectors in London, as well as regions like America, Australia, and the Middle East.

New Public work under core principles of authenticity, integrity, inclusivity, and sustainability, advocating for the public realm as an elevated civic space—a hub for connection, culture, and commerce.

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26.04.2024 - 23 days ago