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Yayoi Kusama at Stern Pissarro

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Experience the captivating and magical art of Yayoi Kusama at Stern Pissarro!

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July 13

Kusama, known as 'the princess of polka dots,' is a famous Japanese artist whose work is loved all over the world. Her unique style showcases vibrant coloured dots that come together to create surreal and fantastical pieces.

One of Kusama's signature symbols is the dress, which appears in many of her artworks. In this particular piece, she combines hand-painted dots with a photograph of one of her earlier three-dimensional dresses, creating a mesmerising illusion.

Although Kusama's contributions to the art world are widely recognized, her significant involvement in the fashion industry is often overlooked. In the late 1960s, she founded the Kusama Fashion Company Ltd, where she showcased her talent for designing costumes for extravagant performances. She has also collaborated with the renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton, leaving a lasting impact on designers worldwide.

Whether it's through paintings, sculptures, performances, or installations, Kusama's art is connected by her iconic use of dots.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Yayoi Kusama at Stern Pissarro!

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Stern Pissarro Gallery


Established in 1964, Stern Pissarro Gallery specialises in Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art. The gallery occupies a unique position in the global art scene, pioneering works by Camille Pissarro and his descendants.

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