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International Women's Day: Looking Back in Celebration

From Art of London Season to Art After Dark, it's been a jam-packed few years for Art of London (with plenty more to come!) This International Women's Day we're reflecting on some of the brilliant women artists we've worked with to showcase vibrant artworks across the West End.

Vanessa Jackson RA and Farshid Moussavi RA for
Art of London Season 2021

For the very first Art of London Season in 2021, Art of London worked with the Royal Academy of Arts to turn Piccadilly into a canvas of colour. Painter, Vanessa Jackson RA created a series of striking crossings named UpTownDancing which saw 13 pedestrian crossings transformed into vibrant artworks transforming the area in an explosion of colour echoing Vanessa's distinctive abstract collage style. Accompanying the crossings, flags by three Royal Academicians including internationally acclaimed architect, Farshid Moussavi adorned the skies of Piccadilly.

Sam Williams, Zarah Hussain and Fiona Quadri
Art of London Season: Brighter Future

Art of London and National Gallery X challenged artists to express their creative vision of London's 'Brighter Future' by transforming the streets with vibrant, optimistic artworks. The winning artists Fiona Quadri, Sam Williams and Zarah Hussain had their artworks displayed across the West End in the summer of 2022.

Sam Williams

Sam created immersive environments through her work, encouraging people to ‘find their play’. Williams’ lively creation entitled 'Catch Me If You Can' drew on her childhood experience of growing up in a theme park and used colourful patterns that encouraged people to experience the world through a new lens, enhanced with a fun augmented reality game.

Fiona Quadri

Fiona Quadri, a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on photography and illustration, created an interactive installation illustrating London’s uniqueness. Born in Brussels and living in London, Fiona used influences from these countries as well as her Austro-Nigerian heritage as themes to influence her work. Fiona's Brighter Future installation celebrated London’s multiculturalism and diversity. Bridging cultural divides and celebrating individuality, the freestanding designs were accompanied by audio interviews conducted in The Garden at St James’s Church, Piccadilly.

Zarah Hussain

Artist Zarah Hussain combined contemporary digital art with hand-drawn Islamic geometry. Zarah created beautiful, hand-drawn kaleidoscopic patterns on two giant icosahedron (20 sided) shapes plus an eye-catching wall mural and patterned flower gardens. Entitled Pop Geometry’, Zarah Hussain’s striking and vibrant colours showcased London’s cultural uniqueness.

Clean Power - Morag Myerscough
Art of London Season: Brighter Future

Renowned contemporary artist Morag Myerscough revealed her eye-catching sculpture for Art of London Season: Brighter Future which embodied her signature bold, colourful style.

The sculpture joined the Brighter Future public art trail, which aimed to represent optimism, progressiveness and a collective determination to building a brighter and better future through marriage of colour and media.

The colourful piece incorporated hand-painted panels stating ‘CLEAN POWER’, alongside the elements ‘SUN’, ‘SEA’ and ‘AIR’, which help the generation of clean power, in a way to creatively and positively urge people to support renewables and transition away from fossil fuels, and encapsulate the purpose of a ‘Brighter Future.'

Sparks of Nature by Amelia Kosminsky
Art After Dark

Transforming Piccadilly Circus after dusk for Art After Dark in June of 2023 was visual artist Amelia Kosminsky. Amelia created a striking video art piece titled ‘Sparks of Nature’, featured on Europe’s largest advertising screen, Piccadilly Lights.

Amelia Kosminsky’s video artwork, featured a mesmerising sunset with hues of lilac, orange and yellow, to give the public a moment of tranquillity in one of London’s busiest areas.

The Cornucopia by Claire Luxton
Art After Dark

Inflatable immersive sculpture 'The Cornucopia’ was brought to life by British contemporary MTArt artist Claire Luxton for Art After Dark in October. Known for her expertise in installations, photography, and poetry, Luxton drew inspiration from nature, exploring the connection between humanity and the natural world.

'The Cornucopia' was a striking, brightly-coloured masterpiece that stood towering above Leicester Square Gardens. This awe-inspiring creation embodied the spirit of growth, beauty, and the lively energy of the West End, blossoming from the ground in a mythical form.

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