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Art of London Season 2022: Brighter Future

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Art of London Season 2022

Art of London Season: Brighter Future has launched across London's West End. Catch a series of accessible public art initiatives across London's iconic West End.

Art of London and National Gallery X challenged artists to express their creative vision of London's 'Brighter Future' by transforming the streets with vibrant, optimistic artworks.

The winning artists include, Fiona Quadri, Sam Williams and Zarah Hussain accompanied by guest judge, artist and comedian Harry Hill. Artworks from Zarah Hussain and Fiona Quadri can be found across the West End from August, alongside artwork of Harry Hill, in iconic, accessible areas, in partnership with Westminster City Council.

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August 09 - October 31

Alongside NGX, we invited artists to submit their interpretation of building a better, brighter future in the city. Whether through colour or immersive experiences, artists were encouraged to use a multimedia of art forms. Each piece represents the artist’s vision of the future and showcase their optimism for the next generation.

From an array of applicants, artists were selected to have their eye-catching installations publicly come to life in some of London’s most iconic locations, such as Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. This outdoor exhibition is on display now, in what promises to be one of the city’s biggest and most accessible public art initiatives ever, with support from Westminster City Council.

Zarah Hussain combines contemporary digital art with hand-drawn Islamic geometry while Sam Williams, creates immersive environments that encourage people to ‘find their play’; and Fiona Quadri, focuses on photography and illustration, who hopes her interactive installation will illustrate London’s uniqueness.

Zarah Hussain

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Zarah Hussain is an artist who combines contemporary digital art with hand-drawn Islamic geometry, positioned in Piccadilly Circus, one of the world’s busiest districts, experience Zarah Hussain’s beautiful, hand-drawn kaleidoscopic patterns on two giant icosahedron (20 sided) shapes inspired by her Islamic heritage and interest in Arabic artworks. Entitled ‘Pop Geometry’, catch Zarah Hussain’s striking and vibrant colours highlight London’s cultural uniqueness and will be installed in Piccadilly Circus for three days from 9th - 11th August.

Away from the energy of Piccadilly Circus, members of the public can head to St James’s Market (9th August - 30th September) to find a calm and tranquil environment to experience her stunning wall murals and patterned flower gardens for relaxing in the city. After appearing in Piccadilly Circus, Zarah’s towering icosahedron models, spanning two metres in size, will be installed in St James’s Market Place until 30th September.

9 August - 30 September

Fiona Quadri

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Fiona Quadri is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on photography and illustration, whose interactive installation illustrates London’s uniqueness. Born in Brussels and now living in London, Fiona uses influences from these countries as well as her Austro-Nigerian as themes to influence her work. Fiona's Brighter Future installation celebrates London’s multiculturalism and diversity. Bridging cultural divides and celebrating individuality, the freestanding designs are accompanied by audio interviews conducted in The Garden at St James’s Church, Piccadilly over the summer.

9 August - 6 September


Listen to Fiona Quadri (Studio Recordings):
Listen to Fiona Quadri (St James' Recordings):

Harry Hill's Alien Art Adventure

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Guest judge Harry Hill has explored his own vision of a ‘Brighter Future’, in an intergalactic journey through the muse of five alien sculptures, each accompanying one of the competition artworks. As well as Hill’s physical sculptures appearing across Leicester Square, St James’s Market and The Garden at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, West End visitors are invited to join a creative tour of the area through an immersive augmented reality trail, featuring original commentary on each installation from the comedian himself.

9 August - October

Sam Williams

Art of London Season: Brighter Future continues with 'Catch Me If You Can' by Brighter Future winning artist Sam Williams.

Sam creates immersive environments through her work, encouraging people to ‘find their play’. Williams’ lively creation entitled 'Catch Me If You Can' draws on her childhood experience of growing up in a theme park and uses colourful patterns that encourage people to experience the world through a new lens, enhanced with a fun augmented reality game.

1 September - 16 October

Art of London x Fujifilm Photography Competition

Art of London has teamed up with FUJIFILM House of Photography and Visual Storyteller Bal Bhatla, best known as renowned photographer Mr Whisper to inspire creativity this September!

Take part in a photography competition celebrating the breathtaking Brighter Future art trail around London’s West End. Get creative and take the best shots of London and the Brighter Future sculptures using Fujifilm photographer Mr Whisper’s inspiring tips and tricks.

Entrants are invited to post their shot to Instagram using the hashtag #ArtoflondonxFujifilm, showcasing a photograph that captures London and these special artworks. To ensure entry, entrants must also follow @FujifilmUK, @MrWhisper and @theartofldn on Instagram.

The top 10 images will be featured in a digital exhibition and the overall winner will receive the recently launched Fujifilm instax mini EVO hybrid instant camera and smartphone printer as a prize! This exciting new addition to the Fujifilm range offers 100 different combinations for photographers to express themselves and create one-off, unique shots.

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Art of London x Faith Bebbington

Art of London partnered with Veolia to create the 'Tree Goddess' by artist Faith Bebbington.

Situated outside the entrance of The Londoner Hotel this beautiful upcycled installation sits 3 metres tall and has been created using recycled materials collected by Veolia from across the City of Westminster and during the annual musical theatre concert West End Live.

Tree Goddess incorporates recycled cardboard, plastic and aluminium waste collected across the City. Tree Goddess is a piece which aims to highlight the importance and need for sustainability throughout the West End. From recycled materials to beautifully made public art.