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Brighter Future: 'Tree Goddess' by Faith Bebbington

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Check out the newest addition to Art of London Season: Brighter Future as 'Tree Goddess' by Faith Bebbington lands in Leicester Square!

Make time to visit the mesmerising, sustainable sculpture 'Tree Goddess' by Faith Bebbington. Artist Faith Bebbington specialises in repurposing waste materials to create striking artworks including 'Tree Goddess' and the 'Hart of London' previously seen in the West End in December 2018.

Brought to fruition in partnership with Veolia, the newest addition to Art of London Season: Brighter Future is 'Tree Goddess' by renowned 3D artist Faith Bebbington. Situated outside the entrance of The Londoner Hotel this beautiful upcycled installation sits 3 metres tall and has been created using recycled materials collected by Veolia from across the City of Westminster and during the annual musical theatre concert West End Live.

Faith has extensive experience creating 3D installations with the use of recycled waste plastics and illuminations. Tree Goddess incorporates recycled cardboard, plastic and aluminium waste collected across the City. Tree Goddess is a piece which aims to highlight the importance and need for sustainability throughout the West End. From recycled materials to beautifully made public art, which is free to visit at The Londoner hotel until the end of October.

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Date & Time

October 10 - October 31


The Londoner Hotel, Leicester Square, London, UK

“I'm delighted to join Art of London’s public art trail, Brighter Future, in partnership with Veolia. It's incredible to be able to showcase my new sculpture in the heart of the West End and I'm excited to see how visitors react to it. I think green spaces are important for our wellbeing so when I’m in a busy city I always seek out open spaces like leafy Leicester Square. It's the perfect place to relax and recharge and explore the new artwork.”

- Faith Bebbington, Artist

Art of London Season: Brighter Future

Art of London partnered with National Gallery X; calling artists to express their creative vision of a 'Brighter Future' and what that means to them. Entries were narrowed down to 3 winning artists, Fiona Quadri, Sam Williams and Zarah Hussain and their artwork was showcased from August to October across the West End in partnership with Westminster City Council.

The season has also been accompanied by additional artworks and such as the eye-catching Clean Power by Morag Myerscough to promote sustainable power. The vibrant installation represented optimism, progressiveness and determination on building a brighter future. As well as the latest installation 'Tree Goddess' from Faith Bebbington - created from waste materials.