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Brighter Future

‘Brighter Future’ is a brand new art initiative by Art of London, in partnership with National Gallery X and other prestigious institutions.

The opportunity... and the challenge

‘Brighter Future’ is a brand new art initiative by Art of London, in partnership with National Gallery X and other prestigious institutions.

The objective is to inspire artists to share their vision of a ‘brighter future’ in the capital, through a multitude of media all coming to life on the vibrant streets of the West End in one of the area’s biggest and most accessible public art initiatives ever.

Artists are invited to interpret ‘Brighter Future’ in their own way. It could stand for optimism, progressiveness and collective determination to build a better future. This could be in the form of technology, the environment, bridging cultural divides, solving problems, caring about our neighbours, and collectively paving the way for the next generation.

Responses should also consider how the theme ‘Brighter Future’ can be expressed in artistic methods and styles – this could simply mean bright, vibrant colours, or utilising technology in the art itself. Art should be head-turning, interactive as well as thought-provoking and artists should consider sustainability.

Ultimately, when Brighter Future is unveiled across the West End in summer 2022, it should harness the incredible creative energy of the artists to imbue a sense of optimism and a general feelgood factor in the West End and the millions that visit, whether for business, tourism, retail or entertainment.

The commission

We are looking to offer multiple R&D production commissions for large scale outdoor art installations along with in-kind contributions from Art of London, the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and Royal Academy of Arts.

Artists can choose to create designs for one, some or all of the canvases listed below. Then following this initial Expressions of Interest, successful applicants will take part in an ideas lab, in consultation with experts from the above. This will be a day of development, advice and experience, followed by further consultation through video calls and other communication.

Following this a prestigious panel will select the final artists whose work will then be brought to life this summer in a series of public art installations in the West End.

The artist will work with graphic designers and production teams to help bring their vision to life and will not be expected to physically produce the artworks themselves, unless otherwise agreed.

Along with the extensive support and production and public exhibition of the final piece, the artist will also receive £4k compensation for their time for each installation.

The canvases

Brighter Future presents a unique opportunity for any artist, as your ‘canvases’ are the vibrant streets of London. As part of our relationship with Westminster City Council and building and land owners supporting the initiative, we have agreement in principal to display art in prominent spaces that attract up to 400,000 visitors each day, some of the highest footfall in Europe!

With this opportunity also comes its challenges, and all submissions must consider the limitations of the locations, materials, weight restrictions, sustainability and health and safety. Below is a long list of canvases, with links to images and plans where available. Candidates should clearly state in their response their intended outdoor canvas or canvases, whether an individual street or wall, or a trail that spans several locations.

  1. Location 1: Cranbourn Street

  2. Location 2: Coventry Street

  3. Location 3: Irving Street

  4. Location 4: Bear Street

  5. Location 5: St Martin's Lane

  6. Location 6: Piccadilly

  7. Location 7: Piccadilly Circus

  8. Location 8: LSQ Gardens

  9. Location 9: LSQ Gardens Aerial Artwork

  10. Location 10: West End Walls (Various)

Selection criteria

We are inviting artists/creative teams who fulfill the following criteria to submit an Expression of Interest:

  1. Interest in developing innovative and engaging site-specific immersive creative experiences, either professionally or as a student.

  2. Experienced and committed to co-design/co-creation with target audiences as part of creative practice.

  3. Creatively ambitious portfolio which demonstrates imaginative uses of colour, multimedia or technology to engage and communicate with audiences.

  4. Strong motivation around mass engagement – through the experience and/or media interest.

  5. Appropriately skilled team or individual capable of hitting the ground running and with capacity to deliver on schedule.

  6. Experienced in delivering projects with and for creative partnerships, either professionally or as a student.

How to apply

Expressions of interest are to be submitted via this link by April 27th 2022 and should contain the following:

1. 100 words about yourself, your background, experience and artistic style/approach. Any details of your collaborative team if relevant.

2. Digital portfolio of previous work

3. 500 words (max) about your overall concept, to include:

  1. The location you have chosen

  2. Your motivation and how it relates to the Brighter Future theme

  3. Thoughts on target audience, how visitors could engage, how it should make them feel and how the piece interacts with the scenery

  4. Your suggested medium and any use of technology (eg. could the piece be amplified through AR, lighting etc)

4. Initial designs. To be uploaded as jpegs or video files, which can include any of the following:

  • Sketches

  • Graphic visualisations

  • Storyboards, animatics

  • Plans

Please note, at this stage, we are not expecting fully realised concepts with detailed street plans, this will come from the Ideas Lab phase. This is just a way to illustrate your concept and how it interacts with the location.

Shortlisted applicants - IdeasLab and pitching

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to develop an idea to pitch to a selection panel, alongside an outline of their co-design process with audiences. Funding of £750 will be available to teams to help support the cost of creating pitches.

As part of the pitch development process, creatives will attend a one-day IdeasLab in London in May where they will have the chance to tour the locations and develop their ideas with input and expertise from curators and educators at the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts and Art of London. Support will be provided with reasonable travel and accommodation expenses for those outside London.

Application Timeline

Launch: 28 March 2022
Deadline for EOI EXTENDED: (CLOSED) 27 April 2022 (12pm)
The application process is now closed.
Shortlisted entrants informed by: 4 May 2022
Ideas Lab: Mid May 2022
Pitch day: Mid May 2022
Decision: Late May 2022
Press announcement Early June 2022
Art live: August 2022

About Art of London

Art of London showcases art in every form, 24/7, behind the legendary doors of institutions, theatres and retail, and flowing through the area’s streets and laneways, to create an exceptional ‘Gallery without Walls’.

In this age of experiential culture, we seek originality and authenticity, as well as new modes of engaging you in a diverse cultural journey.

Art of London celebrates the transformative power of art and culture and will highlight London’s place at the epicentre of cultural expression, in the past, the present and into the future.

Whether you are looking for an authentic and immersive travel experience or want to explore a unique way to experience a destination you frequently visit, we will capture your imagination with curated experiences.

About National Gallery X (NGX)

NGX is an ambitious project at the forefront of digital innovation. Working in partnership with King's College London, we have set out to create the sorts of new museum experiences technology could make possible in ten years' time. The challenge for NGX is to create these experiences today. With a strong commitment to artistic, educational, and curatorial expertise at the National Gallery, NGX provides a space for residencies and short-term interventions from artists and thinkers to explore how technological inventions can inform new kinds of cultural experiences.


Please read these FAQs and the open call guidelines to help you with your application. If your query is not answered here or to request the information in another format, please get in touch via

How do I apply?

When is the deadline?

Can I get feedback on my proposal?

What does the commission fee include?

Can I apply as a collaboration/team?

Is there a bigger fee if the proposal is by a team rather than a single individual?

What formats will you accept for proposed projects?

How do I decide the location of my work?

Do I need formal training in a particular area to apply?

Do I have to work in a specific art form to apply?

Can proposals be submitted by international applicants or must they be based in the UK?

Should I include a budget with my Expression of Interest?

What access support services will be provided during the pitch development process?

What are the deliverables required for the commission?

How are proposals assessed?

How many organisations/individuals will you shortlist to attend the IdeasLab and pitch?

What happens at the pitch?

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